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Andrew Walford
Andrew Walford has been working in his mountain top studio overlooking the Shongweni dam and game reserve for nearly 40 years. He arrived in Africa in a wooden airplane in 1947 and except for a brief stay lecturing at the art school in Hamburg Germany in the Sixties he has been working and dreaming in the paradisical green hills of KwazuluNatal.
Andrew works in the Japanese tradition inspired by the spectacular indigenous bush surrounding his home and workshop . He follows an inner somewhat Eastern philosophy .He is never separate from trees, birds and all pervading Zulu Culture. Andrew has however always worked inspired by a Japanese ethos  both in his meticulous method of working and in his use of minimalist brush strokes . He has recently been described as Natals Zulu Zen Potter

He has exhibited worldwide from Japan to U.S.A. England Holland and most recently in Berlin Germany