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Charmaine Haines
Charmaine Haines's reputation is prominently established in the South African ceramics scene. Her work forms part of numerous art collections and has been selected to represent South Africa on International exhibitions.

n 2001, Charmaine vacated her respected position as lecturer in Ceramic Design at the Port Elizabeth Technikon to devote herself fully to the production of her own work. Charmaine now resides and works in the small Eastern Cape Karoo Village of Nieu Bethesda. Here she has found renewed inspiration for her work in this adopted environment, which she describes as 'sympathetic'... allowing for a more direct relationship with materials and consequently, being increasingly in touch with her expressive self.
In 2006 Charmaine and her family relocated to France to take up the challenge of establishing themselves in the European Art Scene.
In 2008, after a successful trip, Charmaine returned to the Karoo, South Africa, to work in her Nieu Bethesda studio once more.