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Colleen Lehmkuhl

I love good, strong form and layered, colourful surfaces. The one cannot exist without the other. When presented with a surface, my mind reels with the possibilities, wishing I could have dozens of forms to play with to try out some of the alternatives. I love working in series and as I get deeper into the process, I constantly refine the form and try out the myriad of surface decoration possibilities.

Studied Ceramic Design at the Joburg Art College in the 70’s.  Inspired by workshops attended at La Meridiana Ceramic school in Tuscany presented by Lucianne La Salle and Susan Nemith in 2009 covering Sculpting the Human Form and Inlaid Porcelain respectively.

Currently run a teaching studio in Bryanston that offers specialised ceramic workshops, corporate teambuilding workshops and sculpture workshops run by professional ceramists.