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David John Venter
I am still very new to the ceramics field with less than 4 years of hobby potting experience to my name. I am very passionate about this ancient craft and receiving the 2010 Gauteng regional New Signature Award has convinced me to stay committed to this passion. The exhibitions and workshops that I attend inspire me to design and develop new and unique pieces.
I prefer wheel throwing to all other forms of creating ceramic pieces. I tend toward natural unglazed finishes that are decorated with hieroglyphic styled engravings and stained with oxides. Reduction and smoke firing play a large part in my “raw” finishes. I enjoy the fact that no piece that I make will ever be the same and I purposely differentiate any piece that twins another.
I have yet to define my own particular “style” but my journey of experiments is far too exciting right now to end for the sake of one.
I love to combine my ceramics with my other passions of working with wood and forging steel. The marriage of these mediums lends to very attractive pieces. I try my best to keep things practical in that everything thing I make should be used as often as possible.