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Digby Hoets
“I enjoy making groups of large pots whose purpose is to enhance, enrich, vitalise and add character to gardens, homes and architectural spaces. I like to see the location, determine whether the pots are to be planted and then make pots to suit the space and to integrate the architecture with the interior or landscape design. 

Most of my glazes are based on simple materials and I particularly like glazes based on wood ash, which result in warm, natural colours.   My pots are reduction fired to 1380 degrees centigrade as the combination of high temperature, the reduction atmosphere and the wood ash glazes cause a reaction between clay and glaze which gives me the rich glaze qualities and effects that I like.”

As a seventh generation South African with a deep affinity for Africa and African objects, Digby believes that his pots reflect his personal experiences and his love of large pots - modern and ancient, European, African or Oriental.