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Elza van Dijk

Elza van Dijk's studio is in a beatiful and relaxing location.  The sounds of water and mood-setting background music will inspire every person with passion in their souls to let loose on their creativity.  Learning and crafting with ceramics awaken an inner tranquility that produces a sense of self-awareness and connection with your surroundings.  Unique tableware, vases and sculptural pieces for the home is created to encourage awareness and inspire a " be kind to Mother Earth" lifestyle.  Plates with inspirational words or water wise cacti in unique recycled clay vases are just a few examples.  Environment and kindness to Mother Earth is key in this studio as every little bit of clay is recycled.  And yes paper and plastic too.  A variety of bisque ware is also available for painting should you wish to express your creative side without getting down and dirty.  It is also perfect for mosaic, glass slumping or decoupage.