An exhibition for members of Ceramics Southern Africa - Gauteng Region 


All entries will go through a selection process by image.
Ceramics SA reserves the right to reject any unsuitable pieces sent to the exhibition.
The selectors’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  The awards will be chosen from the selected works.
All entries must be submitted by Friday 19th April 2019.  No late entries will be accepted.
PLEASE NOTE: Although Fellows of Ceramics Southern Africa do not go through the selection process, or pay the entry fee, they are required to submit entry forms and images by 19th April 2019
To qualify for entry you must be a paid up member of Ceramics Southern Africa.


For each piece you submit you are required to prepare 3 images of the piece, one image can be a detail of the work. Be aware that these images are what your work is being selected by so be sure to submit the best images possible. These images should be medium size and up to 1mb each. The work is to be photographed against a white or grey background and base

This year the images are to be posted directly on the form after each entry description you will be asked to post your 3 images of that piece. 

Once you have submitted your entry you will be sent an email within 24 hours with the numbers your entries have been allocated. 
PLEASE KEEP A NOTE OF THESE ENTRY NUMBERS. These are the numbers that will be published on the website showing the outcome of the selection process. If you do not receive this email in 24 hours please let me know at johnshir@gmail.com and I will follow up.


1.   You may enter 3 pieces into the G&W Regional Exhibition 2019. One of these entries may be a set, group or installation. Please note if you are entering a set, group or installation it will be sold for one price, and under no circumstances will these works be broken up and sold in part.
Be sure that the price on your entry is the selling price. 
Be aware that Ceramics Southern Africa will take a comission of 40% of this selling price. 
2.    Entries must be own original work and concept and may not have previously been entered in a competition or exhibition.
3.    All parts of  the ceramic work to have gone through a firing process and if a mixed media work it must be predominantly ceramic.
4.    Selectors will not accept work which is a copy of work by another artist.
5.    Artists who enter  plates/hanging or suspended items must supply them complete with stands/ wires, etc. 
6.    All pieces must be for sale and the selling price which must include 40% commission should be clearly stipulated on the Entry Form. 
7.    Although all reasonable care will be taken in handling of the work, Ceramics Southern Africa, the sponsors, and Gordon Institute of Business Science do not hold themselves responsible for any loss or damage in transit or during the exhibition.  
8. If insurance is required the artists must arrange this for their own account.
Artists must ensure that work is well packed.
9.    Ceramics Southern Africa reserves the right to use photographs of exhibition pieces for publicity/marketing purposes.
10.  Successful entries will be announced on the CSA Website on Monday 29th April 2019. Only entry numbers will be given – no names.
11.  Accepted work to be delivered to Gordon Institute of Business Science on Sunday 5th May 2019 between 10:00am and 12:00noon
12.  Any unsold work must be collected at Gordon Institute of Business Science on Sunday 19th May between 12:00noon and 2:00pm.

To enter the G&W Regional Exhibition 2019 you must be a paid up member of Ceramics Southern Africa. The non-refundable entry fee is R200.00 which must be transferred to the CSA account before completing the entry form. Please Note: If you are a Fellow of Ceramics Southern Africa, you do not pay an entrance fee.

Ceramics SA Gauteng
FNB Westgate
Branch code 250841
Acc no. 56340006555
Reference: Your name-Regional

Before completing your entry form, proof of payment must be emailed to ceramicssa@icon.co.za with Regional Exhibition in the subject line. 

Please Note: Once you have clicked SUBMIT on your entry form please wait a few moments. Depending on which web browser you are using, the page will refresh and you will see the unfilled form or you will see a blank page or you may get a message saying that your entry has been submitted, or nothing at all may happen. Any of these mean your entry was submitted.

Should you have any queries regarding the exhibition or the selection process, please contact John Shirley - johnshir@gmail.com 083 407 5968