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Garth Meyer
I have a working and teaching studio on my farm near Stanford. All types of clay and firing are used, from terracotta to porcelain, and from raku to reduction firing. Working method is mostly on the wheel, but students are free to experiment with other forms of making. Apart from occasional deviations into anthropomorphic forms, most of my personal work is thrown functional ware.
The following potters helped me get started and during the process -
Steve Shapiro planted the seed by generously allowing me to work for him at no charge; John Ellis, who intuitively sensed I was no threat to his jolley empire, Paul Els, whose effective and economical burners have saved me thousands of rands over the years. Christo Giles who patiently endured my many questions, Yogi de Beer who debunked the mystique of big pots, Nico Liebenberg who advanced my throwing more in one weekend than I had advanced by my own efforts in the previous two years, Hyme Rabinowitz for kindly giving me some glaze recipes, several pointers, and for a studio so stripped of pretense as to be sublime. John Wilhelm for his pots which constantly motivate me through envy.
To all of the above whom I can never hope to emulate, but who have been so generous and such an
inspiration - a big thank you