Greta De Sutter
Working with clay has become the next episode if not the closing chapter of my journey. Due to the professional status of my husband I have spent the bigger half of our shared life with living in different continents. A curiosity into Eastern Philosophy and a sound interest in Ancient Eastern Healing Tradition which are based on the fundamental entities of life: Earth, Water, Air, Space and Fire provided the tools for my 'ceramic chapter'. Working with clay became almost an extension of this study.
A result of thousand of years of erosion of our Earth, which is what clay basically is, is mixed and wedged in my hands. Water and Air evaporates whilst working on it to shape it. Later, whilst sacrificed to the Fire it is turned into 'ossified emotion'.
I learn, acquire and apply thanks to the different workshops for the last ten years.
It is far most the figurative sculpture and endless expressions that excite me, sometimes to the extend of unsettling and bewildering, other times to explore the state of the mind.
For most of the time I accomplish my work in my own space where working with my preferred medium, porcelain, has become part of a daily routine