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Hansraj Mitha
Life and everything that revolves around me is based on energy. Pottery incorporates the elements (energy) of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The very foundation that life in the universe is made up of.  
With all this pottery allows me to heal, learn, meditate, grow and express through the process of creating. 
Pottery, like life, is a journey - allowing me to express myself as my journey unfolds with a destination that is unknown. Hence the variations of my pottery pieces, going with the flow. Not wanting to be placed in a box. 
Currently I am enjoying working on the wheel using chattering to create patterns with the use of colours on my bowls and other pieces. I also enjoy playing with the process of Raku, the results of which feel like opening a  “lucky packet”. 
I have been blessed by being chosen Winner of CSA Gauteng Regionals  New Signatures 2014
I participated in various other CSA exhibitions