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John Bauer
John Bauer is one of those individuals for whom ceramics is a mere vehicle for the kaleidoscope of ideas he exhales everyday. He is strangely focused on a bizarre and very secretive brand of technical skill in ceramics; although this focus on technical anomalies of clay, glass and heat, does not distract one iota from the heart of his pieces. His pieces exude emotion. They lug at your heartstrings with their whimsical honesty. He has evolved from sculpture to very thin translucent bowls: embellished, in both relief and scrafico, with an evolving series of archetypal mythological characters which will one day be the subject of ceramic theses and surpass many of his peers in collectabilty.

His experiments with glass and clay are notable in this brief window of this superb ceramic artist’s evolution: glass filled bowls which, when held up to the light reveal their secrets.

He evolves quickly, only the most astute collectors will be able to catch on to his coat tails as he pioneers his trail through the ceramic world.