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Julie Lovelace

My work has strong ties with the innocence of childhood juxtaposed with current world situations, and in this way reflects the culturally hybrid nature of my background. The objects comprised of domestic, found and slip-cast objects that at first sight seem cute, playful or even banal, but which are imbued with metaphor and narrative and which reference wider social realities. These further serve as a canvas for decoration with layers of glaze, airbrushed colour, decals and lustres. Both found objects and created elements celebrate the dichotomy of make-believe and reality, enhanced by decals showing nostalgic childhood images to symbolize the idealization of a recollected past.  My recent work consists unsanctioned public art interventions that  maintain a liminal identity arising from the fluidity of ‘repurposing space’ (Armstrong 2005:1) thus creating a new understanding and experience of the space.