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Liza Liebenberg
Liza, born 1940, started with ceramics in 1970 with Winky Koekemoer.  In 1972 they lost a son and her husband brought her a wheel and a kiln and told her to come back to the living.

1984-2005:  Liza started the pottery section, porcelain doll section (American) and teddy bear section (German) at Tshwane South College.  Hundreds of students went through her capable hands during this period.

Liza makes tableware, large bowls and platters, wall panels (tiles) - anything somebody orders!

Liza,  a Grand Master of doll making, views her favourite local ceramic artists as Hennie Meyer, Jerice Doeg and Esias Bosch.  Her role models are disciplined Christians, living and working with love.