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Lydia Holmes
Lydia Holmes works in ceramics, print and mixed media.  
Lydia is based in Lovemore Park, Port Elizabeth where she works from a self-built studio.

She is inspired by her environment and at times her work leans heavily toward conservation issues.    Her interest in industrialisation and the effect it has on the environment and especially vulnerable species, reflects in her work.
Although her work sometimes appears whimsical and illustrative, it  hides a distressing  theme of man’s abuse of his environment. She populates her work with surreal elements and juxtaposes these with naturalism.

She has won several awards for her work and has taken part in various group exhibitions.
The William Humpreys Art Gallery in Kimberley has acquired her work for their permanent ceramic collection.

My visible images conceal nothing, they evoke mystery, and like
Mystery they mean nothing, mystery is unknowable”
Rene Magritte