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Nitsa Christopher
I am inspired by the colours and textures of natural forms and landscape.   My aim is to translate my response to these elements in a non – representational and contemporary way.  I often scratch and work the clay surface then use slips, oxides and glazes to create different textures and colours that suggest for example, a burnt landscape, a desert etc.  Glazes are used thickly with the intention of allowing accidental formations – further embedding reference to the concept.

Most  of the vessels are coiled and  smoke fired with oxides or have been  raku glazed. My fascination with texture and the imperfect is probably based on the natural processes that occur in nature over time.  I also relate to the elemental nature of fire as a transformative power both physically and metaphorically.

I am influenced by the archaic cultures of the Mediterranean and the East.  My mentor is Digby Hoets.