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Renata Kruyswijk

Clay easily persuades me to create and play. I cant resist to interact with it and express part of my being through this encouraging relationship. It engages me to touch, roll, pinch, build and carve into hand build pieces! The challenging procedures assists me in solving puzzles of life. I have an affinity for unique, gentle shapes and organic lines. My inspiration stem from what life has revealed to me. Anatomy of animals, the flotsam the sea provides such as soft corals, shells, drift wood and microscopic images of diatoms and colours of my surroundings are continious influences. I  collect found objects in the city that deserve a renaissance. People and children that I meet through my charity work bring an emotional aspect into my life that lies close to my heart. Clay speaks for itself and I submit to its voice which leads me to sculpture ceramic pieces that are an external part of my existence. My reward is the art works that now exist in a previously void space. “Touch me and tell someone” it says.