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Ria Scheepbouwer
In our work, we all strive to find that unusual quality that may evoke an emotion of some kind, either in the artist her/his self or the public.
Ria does not seek to re-create the subjects as they appear to be, but rather as how they feel, where it moves her. She thinks:” that's what the ceramic-creations should look like.”
Art expresses one's deepest thoughts and insights, hoping that one day, the work created, will find the right appreciative audience.
Her inspiration for the sculpture shown comes from a deep seated emotion, since so many of her family and friends, lost a lovely son or daughter and in some cases both of them.
Ria has also expressed her Art in other forms such as Oil and Watercolour-paintings.
She is an Associate member of the Watercolour Society of South Africa.
Since the mid 1980's, her brightly coloured hand painted designs on ceramics were highly appreciated and found their way all over the world.