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Robert Wagener
I am passionate about shape and form and ultimately design, and totally fascinated by all aspects of the ceramic process that seems akin to the volcanic origins of the earth itself.  Taking a ‘successful’ piece from the kiln is a source of infinite delight - and a ‘successful’ piece for me, is one, that startles the viewer, draws them in and ultimately never lets go - a lofty goal indeed.
I use clay that has strength and body, because my pieces are sometimes quite large.  Often the clay is grogged, which can lend wonderful surface texture as well.
I prefer to work in coils, perhaps because it resonates with my previous career in construction, but also because of a rather serendipitous result of the subtle asymmetry often encountered in nature.
Currently I am working predominantly on ‘bowl’ shapes.  Varying the thickness and overlapping the coils to achieve irregular contour-like rims, which I sometimes repeat on the side of the bowl, imparting a feeling of movement.  The surface is either a slate black or a blue/green celadon applied to a rough layer of casting slip that evokes a mottled seaside ‘rock pool’.