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Sbonelo Tau Luthuli
I’m a former Durban University of Technology student.  I graduated with a National diploma in Fine Arts in 2011.  I was born in the early eighties raised by my grandmother Doyi Luthuli.
In my work I use ceramic vessels (izinkamba) as a premise to challenge, question, comment on certain aspects of rules and laws that serve as guidelines when creating ceramic vessel.  Furthermore, I use them to comment on social and personal aspects of my life.  My vessels are designed with a variety of angular, straight and geometric patterns   that make reference to amasumpa.  
In addition to this I break its functionality by closing its top which again challenges the notion of how traditional pots are viewed in terms of use and their function. 
In essence my work subverts and challenges the traditional cannons of vessel making.  I achieve this by playing around with essential elements of traditional domestic vessels, such as the form of the vessel, shape, size and the inconsistence of a design on the surface of the vessel.  I am mostly interested in the design the shape and the form of the vessel which gives a voice to my work.