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Wendy McLachlan
Wendy McLachlan lives and works in Cape Town. She has a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Cape Town. She now produces a range of home-ware which she markets under the Homebakes label. These wares are slip-cast in white earthenware clay and employ many of the techniques of traditional bone china like sprigging, gold lustre decoration, and cobalt blue “delftware” printing. These techniques are used in an off-beat contemporary way which gives the range its quirky witty quality. Wendy produces dinnerware, tea-sets, coffee mugs, jugs and bowls and many types of candelabra and candle holders which play elegantly with themes in old china. In addition to this she also makes individual one-off sculptural pieces which employ the components of the Homebakes range in non-functional ways. Her focus is on the domestic. The trite proverbs used as titles for her sculptural installations (Home is where the heart is, Storm in a tea-cup) look at home-making with all its inherent joys and problems: balancing teacups is never easy.